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We are a service company that seeks to generate value for other firms in the public or private sectors, in a sustainable way, by developing studies, projects and initiatives aimed at optimizing the use of resources within firms and supporting their access to funding mechanisms and sources.

Anyone who is at the helm of an organization is, in many ways, like a sailor, trying to steer their vessel towards its destination by navigating a sea of uncertainty with only faulty information to rely on. Over two hundred years ago, an instrument was invented that is still relied on today when electronic instruments fail: the sextant. It is a tool that accurately calculates a ship’s latitude by measuring the angular distance between the horizon and the Sun or a star, and the distance to a given point on the shoreline.


For Sextante, this instrument symbolizes the role of the consultant on account of its precision, economy of means, simplicity, and speed, all of which underpin the vision, initiative, and decision-making of the executive. In the business world, we navigate any number of seas simultaneously, pursuing a range of goals, and require tools and data to guide the course of our decisions towards the creation of value in order to expand our stock of human capital, assets, and knowledge in a context of financial, environmental, and social complexity. We want to help you steer your organization towards that goal of generating sustainable value.

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